The editorial operation for this journal has been suspended effective 20 March 2019. Accordingly, the publication of this journal has been discontinued and no new submissions can be considered until further notice.


The Journal of Research Practice (JRP) (ISSN 1712-851X) deals with a broad range of subject areas, but the journal has a relatively well-defined publication focus. Please read about the journal's focus, scope, and editorial perspective here: Editorial Policies.

The current focus areas are: 1. Research Applications, 2. Research Spaces, 3. Research Education, 4. Research Experiences, 5. Research Philosophy, and 6. Research on Research. You are invited to visit the JRP Concept Hierarchy page to get a clearer understanding of these focus areas.

If you have any questions relating to the suitability of this journal as a publishing outlet for your article, please share an abstract of the article (or even the full text) with the Principal Contact. We are selective in publishing and we choose articles which are well aligned with any of our focus areas and which make a novel contribution to research practice.

To submit an article, please register yourself first by sending us the data indicated on this page: Register. You are also welcome to join the JRP Forum.

Each submission is first examined by an editor for its relevance to JRP's focus, scope, and editorial perspective. If found relevant, it is next examined to check whether the Author Guidelines have been followed adequately, especially the guidelines on "Language and Tone." The submission is expected to contain some critical self-reflection by the author(s) and be written for the broad and multidisciplinary readership of JRP. Submission abstracts are then shared in the JRP Forum. Reviewers are generally selected from this forum.

A submission is usually assigned to two or three reviewers. Reviewers are requested to write their comments so as to be informative and helpful to the authors. The typical time taken to review is within 4-6 weeks.

After the editorial decision is made, all the reviewers get to read each other's review.

Fees. The journal charges no subscription or pay-per-view fees to readers and no submission or publication fees to authors. We provide excellent copyediting service without any charge. However, authors are welcome to pay for this service (at the rate of USD 100 or less per article, depending upon their convenience)—payment instructions are given on the Journal Sponsorship page.

Bibliometric Impact. Some information on the bibliometric impact of this journal can be found in Google Scholar and SCImago websites.

Self-archiving. Authors can freely self-archive their articles published in this journal. As an author, you can self-archive any version of your article (i.e., preprint, postprint, or published version) without restriction.

You can learn more about the journal by clicking on About.