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Volume 14, Issue 2 (2018)

Following the retirement of both the Editors of the Journal of Research Practice, the editorial operation for this journal has been suspended effective 20 March 2019. Accordingly, the publication of this journal has been discontinued and no new submissions can be considered until further notice. However, for the benefit of all current and future readers, the published contents of the journal will continue to be available free of charge at

Transdisciplinary • Peer-Reviewed • Open-Access • Twice-Yearly

The Journal of Research Practice (JRP) is a quality-conscious peer-reviewed journal, published online by Athabasca University Press (AU Press), Canada, in the open-access mode. The journal relies on sponsorship rather than charging authors or readers to meet its cost of operations. JRP follows principles of editorial independence and integrity to ensure quality and relevance of what it publishes. In doing this, the journal requires editors, reviewers, authors, and all other contributors to declare any competing interests that may interfere with its goal of advancing research practice. If an undisclosed competing interest comes to light after publication, the matter will be handled in accordance with international best practice in publication ethics. The journal also offers outstanding editorial support to authors. JRP already has a good track record and reaches a wide audience of readers worldwide.

Aims & Scope. The journal aims to develop our understanding of research as a type of practice, and to assist both research practitioners and research theorists to share their experiences with and ideas about research, so as to extend and enhance that practice in multiple domains.

Publication Focus. The journal has defined a number of subject areas that it covers and, based on these, six focus areas of particular interest:

Research Applications

Aim: to develop conventional or innovative forms of applied research with a view to meeting contemporary challenges

Subject Areas: Applied Research - Science & Technology - Science & Politics - Applied Social Science - Applied Systems Thinking - Commercial Research - Design-Oriented Research - Professionalism & Expertise - Reflective Practice

Focus Editor: M. Raghavan

Research Spaces

Aim: to examine the institutional, cultural, and historical factors that shape research practice so as to help researchers open up new spaces for innovative research

Subject Areas: Research Contexts - Science & Society - Science & Technology - Science & Politics - Research Culture - Research Ethics - Participatory Research - Research Policy - Art & Research - Design-Oriented Research

Focus Editor: W. E. Bijker

Research Education

Aim: to promote new directions in research education so as to prepare researchers for their role in society

Subject Areas: Research Training - Research Process - Research Competence - Research Methods - Research Ethics - Professionalism & Expertise - Participatory Research - Research Reporting & Publishing - Science & Society

Focus Editor: J. D. Vakkayil

Research Experiences

Aim: to offer researchers a platform for sharing research experiences, appreciating the experiences of other researchers, and developing their own understanding and good practice

Subject Areas: Research Experiences & Cases - Researcher Biographies & Careers - Research Contexts - Research Competence - Research Process - Research Reporting & Publishing - Collaborative Research - Research Ethics - Reflective Practice - Research on Research

Focus Editor: D. P. Dash

Research Philosophy

Aim: to encourage reflection on the philosophical underpinnings of research, the specific research frameworks they inform, and corresponding notions of what constitutes valid and relevant research

Subject Areas: Research Frameworks & Paradigms - Philosophy of Science - Research Ethics - Practical Philosophy - Discourse Theory & Practice - Applied Research - Professionalism & Expertise - Critical Social Science - Reflective Practice - Systems Thinking - Science & Politics

Focus Editor: W. Ulrich

Research on Research

Aim: to review and innovate conventional thinking about research as it is contained in notions such as scientific method, objective attitude, and logic of inquiry, with a view to expanding their range of application and exploring new forms of research

Subject Areas: Logic of Inquiry - Science Theory - Scientific Method - Philosophy of Science - Second-Order Research - Research Experiences & Cases - Research Process - Research Methods - Systems Thinking - Applied Research - Science & Society

Focus Editor: G. de Zeeuw

These focus areas and subject areas are part of the JRP Concept Hierarchy, which is an integral part of the journal’s focus and scope . . .

Open-Access Advantage. There are several advantages of open-access publishing, including increased visibility globally and, therefore, increased chance of your work reaching potential readers and users.

Editors. Professor D. P. Dash  |  Professor Werner Ulrich Journal Leaflet (one-page PDF)