Volume 3 Issue 1 (2007): Students' Reflections on Doing Research
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Re-Envisioning Research as Social Change: Four Students' Collaborative Journey

Malia Villegas
Theresa Kathleen Sullivan
Shai Fuxman
Marit Dewhurst
Published May 14, 2007
  • social change,
  • students' reflection,
  • collaboration


This article describes four doctoral students' process of coming together to support each other's work. What emerged was a powerful space of learning and a framework on research for social change. The authors hosted a 2-hour reflection session, which was recorded and transcribed. Text of that session appears in this article along with discussion of (a) key principles of the social change framework, (b) the ways the students came to take ownership over their work and to collaborate, and (c) guidance for other researchers working against the isolation and competition that is too common in the academy.