Volume 12 Issue 2 (2016)

Anthropologist-Parents as Researchers: A Critical Appreciation of 'Doing Fieldwork in China . . . With Kids!' by Cornet and Blumenfield

Malathi Raghavan
Purdue University
Published November 30, 2016
  • impact on fieldwork,
  • cross-cultural environment,
  • research education,
  • researcher as cultural being,
  • researcher as parent,
  • researcher objectivity,
  • researcher positionality,
  • cultural relativism,
  • co-researchers
  • ...More


This article is a review of a book that contains reflective accounts by western anthropologists who were accompanied by their children when they were conducting their anthropological fieldwork in rural China. The presence of the children resulted in unplanned interactions, leading to new data for their research. It also triggered new questions on the researchers’ cultural assumptions. Although set in the specific context of anthropological fieldwork, the reflective accounts can serve as useful learning material for early-stage researchers in many other fields.