Volume 10 Issue 1 (2014)

Ten Years of Connecting Researchers

D. P. Dash
Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus, Malaysia; Xavier Institute of Management, India
Werner Ulrich
University of Fribourg
Published April 22, 2014
  • undergraduate research,
  • scientific competence,
  • professional competence,
  • good practice,
  • applied research,
  • peer learning,
  • publication culture
  • ...More


In this editorial, we build on the current discussion around the nature, relevance, and future potential of the Journal of Research Practice (JRP). In the 10 years of its existence, JRP has managed to offer a platform to researchers who are prepared to acknowledge the challenges and raise fundamental questions about research practice. It has helped readers in reassessing the formulaic prescriptions of research and in imagining creative extensions to research practice. The discussion has also offered a number of ideas to strengthen the publication further. Some of these ideas have been explored, especially the place of research practice in building the civic and professional competencies needed in the twentyfirst century, examining the state of research practice in the troubled grounds of universities, engaging with research spaces outside the university system, and pursuing the quest for competence or good professional practice in applied disciplines. JRP should continue to be a venue for future conversations on what we mean by research and how it is to be carried out and evaluated.