Volume 3 Issue 1 (2007): Students' Reflections on Doing Research
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The Frustrations of Reader Generalizability and Grounded Theory: Alternative Considerations for Transferability

Thomas Misco
Miami University
Published May 2, 2007
  • reader generalizability,
  • transferability,
  • grounded theory,
  • Holocaust education,
  • grounded understandings


In this paper I convey a recurring problem and possible solution that arose during my doctoral research on the topic of cross-cultural Holocaust curriculum development for Latvian schools. Specifically, as I devised the methodology for my research, I experienced a number of frustrations concerning the issue of transferability and the limitations of both reader generalizability and grounded theory. Ultimately, I found a more appropriate goal for the external applicability of this and other highly contextual research studies in the form of "grounded understandings," which are tentative apprehensions of the importance or significance of phenomena and conceptualizations that hold meaning and explanatory power, but are only embryonic in their potential to generate theory.