Volume 9 Issue 1 (2013)
Viewpoints & Discussion

Research Skills for the Future: Research Workforce Under the Spotlight

Eva Dobozy
Curtin University
Published September 16, 2013
  • researcher,
  • research workforce,
  • research competencies,
  • methodology,
  • language barrier,
  • intangible asset,
  • knowledge economy,
  • conceptual clarity
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The value and training needs of the future research workforce is under the spotlight. In this article, I take up Ulrich and Dash's (2013) somewhat provocative invitation to engage in discussion and debate about current and future research. In my three-tiered response, I first discuss Ulrich and Dash's article, followed by my own observations about the APEC/Deloitte (2010) research report: "Skills and Competencies Needed in the Research Field: Objectives 2020," and finally, I explore, in some detail, challenges of building a twentyfirst-century research workforce.