Volume 9 Issue 2 (2013): Research Assistantships
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From Research Assistant to Researcher: Being Wakeful in a Mentorship Journey About Methodology, Poverty, and Deficit Thinking

Heather Grenville
Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker
Brock University
Published November 1, 2013
  • qualitative research,
  • narrative inquiry,
  • education and training,
  • research mentoring,
  • poverty,
  • deficit thinking
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This article explores how insights and new knowledge were incorporated about narrative inquiry methodology, poverty, and deficit ways of thinking through a journey of mentorship. The experiences of a graduate student, as she journeys through the roles of a research assistant and graduate researcher, all the while being part of a positive mentorship experience, are relayed. The article describes the journey of an evolving researcher who becomes wakeful through the narrative inquiry methodology while engaged as a research assistant as well as a graduate student alongside her supervisor.