Volume 6 Issue 2 (2010): Research Practice in Art and Design: Experiential Knowledge and Organised Inquiry
Experiential Knowledge in Organised Inquiry

Transforming Interior Spaces: Enriching Subjective Experiences Through Design Research

Tiiu Poldma
Published February 16, 2011
  • design research,
  • experiential knowledge,
  • tacit knowledge,
  • dynamic process,
  • pragmatic philosophy,
  • interior spaces
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This article explores tacit knowledge of lived experience and how this form of knowledge relates to design research. It investigates how interior designers interpret user lived experiences when creating designed environments. The article argues that user experience is the basis of a form of knowledge that is useful for designers. The theoretical framework proposed in the article examines the nature of user experience and how it can be utilized in the design process. The study of lived experiences is contextualized within aesthetic, subjective, and functional aspects of the interior design process, which requires users to express their meanings and needs. A case study is described to illustrate the various stages of this process.